Chicken karaage

photo @goodfoodofperth

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About Ichirin

Ichirin put high quality, incredibly fresh products (seafood above all) at the forefront of what they offer. The preparation is often minimal, meaning guests at this suave but cosy Japanese restaurant on Dundee Street get to enjoy the natural goodness of these carefully sourced items.

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Sunday 12:00AM 12:00PM
Monday 12:00AM 12:00PM
Tuesday 11:30AM 2:00PM
Tuesday 5:00PM 9:00PM
Wednesday 11:30AM 2:00PM
Wednesday 5:00PM 9:00PM
Thursday 11:30AM 2:00PM
Thursday 5:00PM 9:00PM
Friday 11:30AM 2:00PM
Friday 5:00PM 9:00PM
Saturday 11:30AM 2:00PM
Saturday 5:00PM 9:00PM
Takeaway Available
Kid Friendly
Ichirin put high quality