Jalapeño Poppers

Cheese And Bacon Stuffed Jalapeño Peppers

photo @burgastronomyadelaide

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Imagine a succulent MSA premium grade beef steak patty, sandwiched between two soft freshly baked gentle buns, combined with a tender touch of our secret relish, house made sauces and some mouthwatering extras. Using only the freshest produce, best 'selected' cuts of MSA approved Angus beef and hormone free thigh chicken.

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Sunday 11:30AM 9:00PM
Monday 11:30AM 2:30PM
Monday 5:30PM 8:30PM
Tuesday 11:30AM 2:30PM
Tuesday 5:30PM 8:30PM
Wednesday 11:30AM 2:30PM
Wednesday 5:30PM 8:30PM
Thursday 11:30AM 2:30PM
Thursday 5:30PM 9:00PM
Friday 11:30AM 9:30PM
Saturday 11:30AM 9:30PM
Full Bar Available
Takeaway Available
Vegetarian Friendly