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Who Accepts Amex

Posted by Bruneau Amitee on Monday, 16 September, 2019 09:25:39

Here is an on going list of the best stores that take American Express in Canada. This list was last update April 14 2011. This list points out the merchants where you can earn more american express and aeroplan points. If you are looking to earn aeroplan points you should take a look at our best canadian points credit card article (it's an amex)

For decades, many of you American Express card members have been denied the ability to use your Amex card in certain stores. How annoying! Why can't every store accept American Express cards

The latest Tweets from Who Accepts Amex (@WhoAcceptsAmex). Quite simply we list over 1,200 companies that either do or don't accept American Express in the UK. We are not a part of American Express. UK

American Express cards are accepted at gas stations such as Exxon, Shell, Gulf and Murphy USA. Some merchants may not accept American Express because the cards have a larger fee than other credit cards do, due to the bonuses they grant a customer.

It's impossible to list every merchant where American Express is accepted, but we wanted to highlight some of the major retailers across Canada that do accept Amex as a payment option. What you'll notice is that many of the top brands across a variety of industries happily accept American Express.

In my experience, using Amex as my primary card, it might be more useful to make a list of merchants that don't accept Amex. For all the discussion I see on this topic both here and elsewhere, I find it pretty rare to not be able to use my Amex. Maybe I've just been fortunate or don't shop at places that don't accept it by chance I don't know.