Vanguard Lifestrategy 80

How Good are Vanguard’s LifeStrategy Funds? Much Better

Vanguard Lifestrategy 80

Posted by Bucher Angeletta on Sunday, 8 September, 2019 09:31:51

The Vanguard LifeStrategy Funds are lifecycle offerings, providing investors with a variety of highly diversified all-in-one portfolios. The products are structured as funds-of-funds, charging only weighted averages of the expense ratios associated with the underlying index funds.. LifeStrategy funds are cheap by any reasonable standard.

Benchmark (Vanguard LifeStrategy ® 80% Equity Composite Index) Source: Vanguard. For further information on the fund's investment policy and specific fund risk information, please refer to the Key Investor Information Document (KIID). The prospectus is also available on this site.

The headline equity allocation is a rough-and-ready indication of how risky a ride each fund may deliver in the future.. An aggressive investor prepared to bear much stock-market-related pain might pick the LifeStrategy 80% Equity Fund in the pursuit of higher expected rewards.; A more risk-shy individual would be down in 20% territory.

View the latest Vanguard LifeStrategy 80% Equity Accumulation Fund price and comprehensive overview including objectives, charges and savings.

I bought LS Growth 80-20 when it opened over 20 years ago. It has been a remarkable investment strategy over two decades, with Vanguard management slowly improving the fund until it is now 100% index funds and has become a global index fund with a 20% safety value in quality bonds, which permits the fund to benefit by buying bonds when the markets are irrationally exuberant.

Vanguard LifeStrategy 80% Equity Fund A Acc,B4PQW15,ISIN: GB00B4PQW151 - view the latest price,charts and performance information at AJ Bell Youinvest