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Posted by Brien Allete on Monday, 9 September, 2019 09:36:31

Revealed - the Best Seats on the Thomson Dreamliner Blog home Know Before You Go Revealed - the Best Seats on the Thomson Dreamliner If you haven't flown on Thomson holidays ' innovative Dreamliner yet, now known as the TUI Dreamliner, then it's about time you experienced it for yourself. - the world's first and largest online photo archive of inflight meals. Send your own images, see how meals are prepared, read inflight catering related news and much more

34 Things You Need To Know About In-Flight Meals. Cast your minds back to a time when complimentary food and drink on airplanes was free-flowing and plentiful. Nowadays, it's a bit more hit and miss. Love them or hate them, you have to admit that in-flight meals are well and truly in a league of their own.

We have a holiday booked with a Thomson flight next year & it said in the small print by the price that inflight meals were no longer availble for pre booking. It does say that they will have a range of meals to buy on the plane though, so might be better.

Free drinks added to Thomson long haul Dreamliner economy class from this winter. Cheers for travellers on jetlag-busting Boeing 787 flights - and South African Airways beefs up its on-board menus

Inflight meals are free on long-haul services (7 hours +) while on short-haul flights passengers can purchase snacks and drinks. You can view the Inflight Feed Thomson Airways meal review right here. Check out some special offers from Inflight Feed partners right here. LONG HAUL FLIGHTS