Run Off Insurance

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Run Off Insurance

Posted by Brusse Ancelin on Wednesday, 11 September, 2019 09:25:45

Run-off objectives. The key strategic objectives for owners of (re)insurance run-off business remain broadly consistent with previous Surveys. Participants cited orderly run-off, releasing capital and early finality as the primary objectives of their strategic run-off plans.

Clients with product liability or professional indemnity insurance policies may be recommended to buy run off insurance, but what is run off insurance and how does it protect you. Run off insurance covers a business that has ceased trading against claims after the cessation of trading that are not covered by the insurances in force during its operational activities.

Panel members - "The Business of Run-Off" Steven Herman Principal, Asset Discovery Associates LLC In charge of identifying hidden assets for clients in reinsurance contracts, commutations and insurance business before sale. Previous experience in run-off management, commutation pricing and reserving (CNA,

Providing Finality Property & Casualty Insurance Run-Off. SunPoint provides finality for its partners, who want to eliminate exposure to non-core or legacy business.

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The members include major US and international insurance and reinsurance companies, well-known rehabilitations, receiverships and liquidations that impact a significant portion of US and overseas business, brokers, third-party administrators and run-off managers. Learn More